staff augmentation

Harnessing the Power of Staff Augmentation

IT Staff augmentation is a flexible outsourcing strategy that enables you to hire tech talent worldwide. You can easily manage your augmented team directly because you select the candidates which suits your requirements. You can also extend your augmented team whenever you need to do it.It enables you to add technical resources to your in-house development team. It can be both, short or long-term basis. You can get rid of the cost and liability of making new full-time hires. OptimusFox is a company which helps you hire remote developers as dedicated resources to one project at a time.

IT staff augmentation

    Staff Augmentation Benefits

    Greater Productivity

    IT Staff augmentation results in an increased level of productivity as the developers are focused on one project at a time as compared to outsourcing team which can deal with several projects simultaneously. One client with a great vision results in greater motivation and dedicated work.


    You can get in touch with a large pool of IT professionals like blockchain developers, UI/UX designers, front-end developers and product managers. You can also replace a resource easily as the pool of talent is bigger. If you work with a staff augmentation company like OptimusFox, you can easily manage your projects.

    Cost Effectiveness

    It ensures transparency in terms of the cost structure. You need not to worry about any organizational expenditures like workstations and office space. We will take care of arranging everything while you have the time to focus on your core business operations.

    OptimusFox Staff Augmentation Services

    OptimusFox offers flexible team augmentation services. We provide a pool of tech professionals like Blockchain developers, QA engineers, and product managers. You will be the one managing the team of developers. In case of any problem the team needs to discuss, a client manager will facilitate the communication process. Other than expanding the local team, OptimusFox offers several value-based services that make sure the integration of the remote development team is seamless in order to grow your business.