What is Blockchain as a Service? Working and Profitability for Businesses.

blockchain as a service

Blockchain as a service makes it easier for startups and businesses to develop blockchain applications without hiring a blockchain development team. It not only makes the process cost-effective but also reduces risks. It is becoming proficient for businesses; as they can market and launch blockchain-based applications and solutions like the smart contract, NFTs, etc. Amazon is offering templates using Ethereum or Hyperledger for businesses that are looking to have public or private networks. 

In the blockchain industry, the Baas is becoming the most popular trend for organizations from different sectors. The concept and working principle of BaaS is the same as Saas; that’s why businesses are inclining toward it. In other words, it is difficult for businesses to hire expert blockchain developers, and most of them hesitate to adopt costly blockchain. 

Future Predictions 

Blockchain as a service is the latest business model that can be a game-changer for multiple industries. Generally, there is a BaaS team that is responsible for to set up and maintenance of blockchain-based networks. Blockchain companies and cloud vendors are embracing BaaS, and some studies show that this business will rise to $25 billion by 2027. 

What is Blockchain as a Service?  

BaaS is becoming a backbone of multiple blockchain applications as it enables businesses to develop blockchain applications by leveraging scalable blockchain-based cloud infrastructure. BaaS allows you to use cloud-based solutions to build and host your applications. SaaS, where an organization can have access to software using a subscription; BaaS offers companies with an authority to blockchain network to develop their blockchains. In short, it is third-party cloud-based management for organizations that are looking to develop and power blockchain applications. 

Companies contract with service providers to set up blockchain solutions and have access to infrastructure for a fee. Once set up has been done, the blockchain development company is responsible to handle backend operation for the client. Generally, vendors offer companies with support and maintenance services like resource allocation, bandwidth management, security management, and hosting needs. 

Why should organizations go for BaaS? 

 Recently, companies have realized the importance of integrating blockchain into their existing business solutions but is a tedious process that needs a huge investment. As blockchain is an emerging technology, it can be very difficult for organizations to find human resources who have the expertise to develop blockchain solutions from scratch. In addition to this, lack of domain expertise, overhead costs, and infrastructure maintenance in developing blockchain can demotivate organizations from implementing this technology in their businesses.  

Contracting with BaaS service providers, companies will have access to expert blockchain developers who can assist them in developing and deploying blockchain. Most importantly, they will get rid of all the worries about their business and associated overhead. In short, it makes easier for organizations to integrate blockchain solution into their existing operations at lower costs with greater efficiency.  

How does BaaS work?  

 When an organization goes for Blockchain as a Service accord with a blockchain development company, it becomes the responsibility of the vendor to take care of maintenance and blockchain infrastructure. The vendor set up blockchain technology referring business needs and deploy critical resources. BaaS service provider maintains all blockchain network nodes on customer behalf.  

 The configuration of a blockchain network on distributed ledger depends upon the customer business needs. The most popular distributed ledger is Ethereum, Hyperledger fabric, Corda, Block apps, or Chain Core. In addition to this, the vendor takes responsibility to handle all critical blockchain artifacts and maintain infrastructure. By using the BaaS model, companies have enough time to focus on business core values while depending on BaaS partners for blockchain-related activities.  

How to Choose Right BaaS Partner?  

Selecting a suitable BaaS partner is always essential but before it, you need to analyze each provider to have a suitable fit. It can be somehow challenging to have better guidelines as BaaS is new to the market. Following are some tips that can be helpful for you to select the best fit for you: 


While selecting a BaaS partner, experience is the first thing you need to explore about multiple companies. To make your selection efficient, you can make a list of companies that are offering BaaS and start exploring them. Explore their previous project and client reviews because it will showcase their competency. 

Quality check  

The quality of a blockchain infrastructure can make or break your business. That’s why you need to authenticate about the vendor quality, their development, and deployment process. Never forgot to analyze their previous work quality and the maintenance they provide.  

High-Quality Security  

Security is the most important aspect for every business to consider. Therefore, you should explore the development and deployment process to demonstrate the vulnerability. If there are some vulnerabilities, never contract with that particular company for their services.   

Which operating systems they use?  

Every organization uses a different operating system, and you need to explore the expertise of different blockchain service providers in developing cloud base solutions for specified operating systems. Make sure that new blockchain infrastructure can be integrated without interrupting your system legacy.  


Blockchain as a service is the latest trend in the blockchain industry as companies do not need to hire blockchain developers. It saves time and money by reducing risks. Many organizations are encouraging BaaS, and it has the potential to bring a revolution in the blockchain development industry. OptimusFox, as a superior blockchain development company, advises you to choose a BaaS partner wisely, exploring their experiences, client reviews, and work quality. 

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