Secure Online Voting System

Taswit is a blockchain based online voting system that is readily available for customers. Anyone can setup it without any proper knowledge and technical expertise.


Voting is a critical and serious issue for an organization or a country. Digital voting is replacing paper-based systems such as a voting machine or internet browser for vote casting. The security and transparency of digital voting is the biggest concern before moving toward a digital voting system. The hackers can attack the digital system and change the whole results


Blockchain technology is a distributed database where records are in the form of transactions, and a block is a collection of transactions. The blockchain provides high-level security and a robust system for digital voting without any change in the number of votes cast to each party.

TASWIT Working


Can view the number of registered users, ICO participants sold tokens, and the number of visitors.


Can register and view election participants, number of votes the winning candidate got.


Can register, view candidates, and cast votes.

Our Contribution

  • We are developing a blockchain-based E-voting platform (TASWIT) utilizing Ethereum and loom Networking.
  • Our front-end development team is busy developing a user-friendly system that is easy to use for the common man.
  • We are striving to develop a Portable system that other organizations can also use to optimize and secure their election process.