Singh is a Peer-to-Peer, populist content creation web platform where anyone can use his skills to earn from posting or voting content. 


Allowing any random user to take part in running campaigns to win a prize based on community voting. On the other hand, any community member could participate in a voting campaign and win a prize if his voted picture would get more votes. The website was aimed to develop a system where winning prizes could only be used to get e-commerce vouchers or buy Singh products. There should be an option to convert winning credits into tokens to enhance user profit. 

Solutions We Provided

Singh was a project with a unique idea, and it needed deep research before moving toward the development cycle. So, we engage a team of market experts to explore the challenges and purpose of possible solutions for Singh. After gathering their ideas, we plan a brief development plan involving blockchain integration. Alongside blockchain developers who were busy in developing Singh coin, the front and backend development team were working hard to integrate the Blockchain module without disturbing website other finalities. 

The Outcomes

  • Responsive Website  
  • Successful Integration of Blockchain Module  
  • A platform where companies can advertise  
  • Improved usability and accessibility