Taswit – Blockchain
Powered Voting Solution

Taswit is a blockchain-based E-voting system that is readily available for users.




Conceptualization, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment


Loom Network

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Anyone can set up it without any proper knowledge and technical expertise. All the users on the platform can track the election results with the visualization of graphs. Moreover, it is a portable system that other organizations can also use to optimize and secure their election process. It consists of 3 modules:
User Module

Users are the participants who can vote for a specific candidate. The users can keep track of all the ongoing, previous, and upcoming elections with the details of winning candidates and the voters' details of a specific election.

Candidate Module

This is the module for election candidates. Candidates can check the total number of elections they have participated in, number of elections they have won, and the number of voters with a graphical view. Moreover, the candidate can also track the Ongoing, Completed, and Upcoming Elections on the Platform.

Admin Module

Admin has a dashboard to track the registered Users, Candidates, and the total number of Elections. Admin can also visualize the graphical representation of total visitors over time on specific pages of the Taswit platform. The admin has the right to create an election on the platform.

Taswit is the Blockchain based E-voting platform that is readily available for you

Problems and Solutions

Issues in Traditional Voting System

In a traditional voting system, every vote is collected and saved in a centralized database. But what if the responsible authority tries to change the data in favor of one representative? Hence, there is an issue of centralization, lack of transparency, easy manipulation, and lack of trust.
Taswit proposed its solution by introducing a blockchain-based voting system. To maintain transparency, a voter can give a vote to their preferred candidate, and the users of Taswit can track the vote detail on their dashboard. Moreover, the users can also trust the platform because of the immutable nature of the blockchain.

Lack of Security

Voting is a critical issue for an organization or a country. The security and transparency of digital voting is the biggest concern because hackers can attack the digital systems and change the whole results.
Taswit provides high-level security and a robust system for digital voting without any change in the number of votes cast to each party. Blockchain technology is a distributed database where records are in the form of transactions, and a block is a collection of transactions. Each time a vote is cast, a new transaction and block is created on the blockchain with all details. Once a block is written, it is immutable.


Optimized Elections

Taswit is an optimized election system built on blockchain technology where the admin will create the elections of the candidates to start the process. All the users can analyze the election details on the platform. The users can visualize the Ongoing, Upcoming and Completed Elections. The graphical representation of all the candidates and their votes make analysis better.

Statistics of Elections

Tracking of votes and giving graphical representation to the users make a system transparent and secure. The users can keep track and check the statistics of each and every vote with the details of election participants, candidates, and the number of votes the winning candidate got.

No Gas Fees

Loom network is used as a blockchain of Taswit that makes the transaction with lightning speed and there is no need to pay gas fees or connecting Metamask for transaction.

Trustful Platform

All the users can trust the platform because of the involvement of blockchain. If someone casts a vote for a specific candidate then nobody can change their vote and every other user can track the votes on their dashboard which ensures transparency and trust on the platform.

Reduced Counterparty Risk

Some central authorities are biased and try to rig the election process to give someone an unfair advantage. On the other hand, if someone wins the election, the opponents start blaming each other that they rig the elections. This platform reduces all this counterparty risk and offers a fully transparent system where everyone can check the winning candidate and their voters.

Technology Stack

We offer the best tools and technology stack according to the use case of the project. For Taswit, the following technology is put into use:
Loom Network
Loom Network

Loom Network is used as Blockchain. It is a layer 2 solution of Ethereum Blockchain.

React Native
React JS

For front-end development

Node Js
Node JS

For backend development

Postgre SQL
Postgre SQL

Postgresql is the database used to integrate with node.


MongoDB is used as database.


For task management between the team.


To maintain or manage the code in the repository.


For deployment

Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is used for deployment.

Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is an IDE used for development.

Post man

Postman is used for testing purpose.


Taswit Visualization
Taswit Visualization mobile




Can view the number of registered users, ICO participants sold tokens, and the number of visitors.


Can register and view election participants, the number of votes the winning candidate got.


Can register, view candidates, and cast votes.

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