Birb Blockchain dApp

Versatile investing and gaming platform in a decentralized world to win rewards of digital currency as Birb token.




Phase 1: Ethereum

Phase 2: Binance Smart Chain


Conceptualization, Design, Development, Blockchain-based responsive website, Smart contract development, PancakeSwap pool integration, Deployment, Testing

blockchain dApp

Birb Dapp Requirement



Development of Exchange Model by integrating Uniswap.


DeFi token-based reward distribution.



Birb is a blockchain-based gaming platform that is created for people of all ages, even newbies. In this platform, the users can play games and invest in birbs by hatching to win the rewards in the DeFi world. The Birb platform provides its users with a decentralized exchange model by integrating the PancakeSwap pool with the platform. The users can swap the tokens and can add liquidity to earn the APR (Annual Percentage Rate). In the annual percentage rate, the staking rewards are on a short-term basis. For any transaction, the user must create and import a wallet on the platform.

The admin can keep track of the top Birb holders in the leaderboard section and these investors can claim rewards after 3 days from the reward nest of the platform. There is a limit that every user can process the hatching and take reward only one time in 3 days to maintain the stability of the market.

Birb helps simplify the complex process of using cryptocurrency

Problems and Solutions

Centralized Finance

The centralization of the financial system affects the financial services due to the lack of transparency, trust issues, and high transaction fees that in turn causes financial crises.
Birb resolves that problem by offering the blockchain-based DeFi ecosystem that reduces price manipulation and security flaws. Birb provides its users a decentralized exchange and the users have full transparency and custody over their tokens.

High Transaction Fee

The high transaction fee is a concerning issue in the blockchain world. In phase 1, Birb used the Ethereum blockchain having the problem of high transaction fees.
Birb proposed its solution by shifting the platform from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain which minimizes the transaction fee and maximizes the trading speed and user rewards.


Easy-to-use and Entertaining

Birb provides its users with an entertaining gaming platform that is powered by a smart contract. Birb was created for people of all ages to simplify the complex process of using a cryptocurrency that makes the intricate blockchain user-friendly to everyone, even newbies. It offers users an easy and fun way to conduct transactions and receive rewards.

Accessible to Everyone

Birb was created with birds in mind. Cryptocurrency should work in the same way in which birds fly freely and ignore borders and politics. Birb aims to be accessible for every person, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, and to make domestic and international transactions simple and fast with no limitations, just like birds.

Multiple Wallets and their Tracking

Birb offers the creation and connection of Metamask, WalletConnect, and Binance Wallets to its users. The users can track the detail of the wallet by connecting it to the birb platform. When the wallet disconnects then all the information related to the wallet will also disappear.

Multiple Explorer

Birb is a rewarding system where users can play games, hatch birb tokens, and stake the tokens to win rewards. Rewards are the birbs gifted to the user by the admin. The user can see the updated leaderboard that keeps the records of top holders of birb tokens.

DeFi Environment

Birb provides its users a fully DeFi token-based reward distribution that allows investors to trade through staking in order to earn the free birb tokens.

Token Burning

To increase the token demand, there is a need to decrease the supply. The platform burns 51% of the drained tokens daily to increase the worth of the Birb token.

PancakeSwap Integration and Birb Draining

Birb platform is integrated with PancakeSwap and it automatically drains 5% tokens from its pancakeSwap pool after 24 hours. Any birb holder can call the hatch function and claim the 1% from the 5% drained tokens. The quicker the holder calls the action, the more chance to earn the tokens.

Technology Stack

According to the project requirements, the most suitable technology stack is entertained which is given below:
Binance Smart Chain – BEP-20

BEP-20 standard of binance smart chains is used for smart contract development.

React JS
React JS

For front-end development

Node Js
Node JS

For backend development

Postgre SQL
Postgre SQL

Postgresql is used for database.

Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is used for deployment.


For task management between the team.


To maintain or manage the code in the repository.


For deployment

Post man

Postman is used for testing purposes.

Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code

IDE for frontend and backend development.

Birb Visualization

brib infographic

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