Top Fintech Technology Trends to Watch in 2021


COVID-19 caused the biggest financial disaster the world has witnessed after the global recession. During a pandemic, the lack of physical interaction between people adds value to fintech solutions. The popularity of fintech trends has increased to 90%, showing that people are well aware of the revolution it can bring.  

Let us have a look at the most prominent fintech trends that can modify the financial sector in 2021. 

Autonomous finance 

Autonomous finance is the most popular innovation that fintech brings for humans. Manipulating with utility bills, insurance, and some other subscriptions can be prodigious and time-consuming. There comes autonomous finance to take off the burden from customer’s shoulders by automating financial decisions with the combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning. As people want to have more time for themselves and business purposes, they will love to delegate their jobs to fintech solutions. 

Open Banking 

Banks are famous for shielding money, but people have become well aware to invest their money instead of keeping it in banks. Third-party institutes helping banks to offer flexible and profitable investments where customers are loving it via open banking. Open banking authorizes third parties to access customer data through APIs to smoothen investment processes. There will be a question about the security of consumer data, but fintech solutions have the potential to keep data secure.

Digital Only Banks 

Queues at banks hurt customers because it wastes their useful time while waiting for their turn. Although, online banking exists but still has some limitations. During the pandemic, the world has observed the urgent need for improved online banking. Therefore, having virtual access to funds has become the need of the hour that conventional banking cannot offer. 

Studies show that digital payments are a giant fintech product. Financial institutes leverage fintech solutions to introduce digital banking services without any physical contact. Consumers are adopting digital-only banking because of the security, reliability, and transparency it provides.  

Introduction of Voice Technologies 

Convenience is the word associated with fintech, and developers in this industry are perceptive to give users the best. They find interesting products that can achieve instant success where Fintech helps them to introduce attractive solutions like the introduction of voice technology in finance. AI-powered fintech voice products provide convenience and make complex financial tasks easier. Advance voice technologies enhance transaction security with the usage of biometric data for authorization. 


Regulator technology improves the management of regulatory processes in the financial industry using advanced technologies. Its main functionalities are to report, monitor, and compliance processes. It empowers businesses to utilize advanced software for compliance processes referring to rules and regulations. 

Cyber-attacks and money laundering scandals have increased with the advancement in technology. Reg-tech integrating big data and machine learning to reduce the risk associated with the compliance department. It makes administrative processes easier and enhances an organization’s financial stability. 

Final Words 

Opportunities in Fintech are numerous as innovation flourishes evolving technology. Users are always looking for advancement, and fintech solutions are providing them what they want. With better tracking, security, speed, and transparency, the fintech trend gaining popularity in the financial sector. 

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