DevOps and Kubernetes – An Essential Pair for Software Deployment and Integration

There is an exponential rise of Kubernetes over the years as organizations tend to utilize containers for complex applications, even cloud-native solutions. With the rise of Kubernetes, DevOps have become a popular part of tech industry. DevOps and Kubernetes form a great pair where one is methodology and the latter is a tool. As a container cluster management tool. Kubernetes becomes an essential part of your DevOps strategy. 

In order to lessen the problems in the DevOps process, Google designed Kubernetes as an open source platform. OptimusFox has the expertise to help you with automation, deployment and implementing agile methodologies for software deployment. It is convenient to move development to production with this platform. We help you to make applications which are potable with our DevOps specialists. Application development and DevOps have a close relationship and it is accelerated with the help of Kubernetes.

Google designed Kubernetes and then released it as open source to help alleviate the problems in DevOps processes. The aim was to help with automation, deployment and agile methodologies for software integration and deployment.

DevOps – Integrating Development and IT Operations

OptimusFox helps you achieve business outcomes faster than competitors by integrating development and IT operation with the help of our DevOps specialists. From a technology perspective, DevOps is all about continuous integration and delivery along with continuous deployment.

Continuous integration:

Developers can update the source code continuously within a shared location, which is checked by an automated build, enabling teams to identify problems early.

Continuous deployment:

Deployments can be made every day once the code is developed and released after the approval.

Continuous delivery:

Software releases can happen anytime manually.