Blockchain-based ITO Solution in the CeFi World

A secure platform to start and trade an Asset-Backed ITO where the investors can also participate in Subscriptions.


Combination of Finance and Governance

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Research, Conceptualization, Design, Implementation of ERC1155 standard in Smart Contract, Whitepaper, Development, Testing, Deployment



Dinisium is a new financial system for ITO management. It offers Security Token Offering (STO) or Initial Token Offering (ITO) to its investors and every token on this blockchain would be backed by an asset.

Dinisium has the following three user roles:

1. Super Admin

2. Admin

3. Investor

In this platform, there are 2 approaches for creating an ITO, either an Admin launches an ITO with its own personal cash or through the second approach in which he collects funds from the investors through subscriptions and then creates the ITO.

Once an ITO is launched, every investor is able to purchase token(s) from that particular ITO. One ITO can have multiple series which means that investors are allowed to purchase tokens from only the open/ongoing series available against an ITO and once all the series of an ITO are finished, that particular ITO is closed.

Dinisium offers a secure platform to start and trade an asset-backed ITO

Problems and Solutions


Scam is the main issue in most crypto platforms due to a lack of security features.


Dinisium provides a solution for it by offering a lot of security features like dual approval of different admins on sensitive actions of investors which makes the trading safe.

High Transaction Fee:

The main issue while trading any crypto is the high gas fee that we have to pay for transactions.


Dinisium offers its users the ability to perform a transaction with no gas fees because it chooses Quorum Blockchain for its enterprise solution which has no gas fees.

Limited Offers:

Other platforms have quite limited custom offers for investors and fail to maintain the interest of investors


Dinisium gets the interest of its investors by combining finance and governance in one platform. To add some perks for investors, Dinisium offers some unique features like Subscription to specific ITO and assignment of specific wallets to the investors. It also offers the ease for liquidity of highly illiquid assets like real-estate entities and art-works and allows nominal or micro investors to take part in the security token offerings on the platform.

Lack of Customer worth:

The lack of customer worth and support after the investor invests on a platform is also a major issue.


Dinisium proposes the solution of it by offering the Withdraw Request feature for deposited amounts on the platform. It also provides a Voting System on the platform to take their customer perspective or feedback for further improvement in the ITO launching.

Stock Exchange Problem:

The biggest problem in Stock Exchange is the third-party dependency like brokers who have high rates.


Dinisium offers a platform where the investors could buy and sell the tokens without the interference of any kind of third party other than the platform thus, lowering the dependency.


Initial Token Offering

The tokens offered are asset-backed tokens and are correlated with an external real-world asset with tangible value. These assets can either be liquid assets (like gold, silver, etc.) or static assets (like houses, car, etc.). Dinisium offers ITO tokens that could be backed by either a liquid or a static asset.

Demand and Supply

One ITO can have multiple series and the admin defines the starting and ending times of these series. Only those tokens of an ITO are purchasable that are a part of the launched series. Moreover, if a series gets closed or expired it is no more available for sale. The launch of the series is on the concept of the demand and supply rule which plays an important role in the economy and in increasing or maintaining the token worth.


Admin can create the subscription with a specific threshold (softcap) to raise funds to create an ITO. If the threshold of the subscription is reached after getting investments an ITO can be created against it. These ITOs can be backed by a specific asset and the investors could invest in these ITOs.

Personal Wallet

Investors get their specific personal wallets from the platform. Therefore, there is no need for the integration of an external wallet which reduces the burden or complexity on the investor side.

Trustful Platform

If one admin creates the Asset or ITO then the other admin verifies it through the process of dual approval which increases the reliance of the investors on Dinisium.

Claim Funds

The investors can claim their deposited funds from Dinisium. This feature is for the satisfaction of investors that they can get their money back that is not used for investment on ITO.

Decentralized Approach

If one investor places the token’s buy request and the other investor places the token’s sell request with the same quantity, then there is no need for the admin approval, and the trade is proceeded successfully on the blockchain using P2P trade.

Quorum Maker Blockchain Explorer

Quorum Maker is an explorer of Dinisium Blockchain's Quorum, where the user can visualize the count and details of the total number of transactions, blocks, contracts, and nodes. There are 7 private nodes on Dinisium whose work is to validate the transactions. In Transaction Logs of transaction hash, Admin could visualize the calling function name (created ITO, increased ITO supply and transfer tokens) with detail and can identify it with ITO serial number.

Technology Stack

We offer the best tool and technology stack according to the use case of the product. For Dinisium, the following technology is put into use:

Quorum Maker Blockchain Explorer

Quorum is used as a private blockchain which is the best enterprise solution with the features of privacy, scalability, network performance, and no transaction fee.


ERC1155 Standard is used for the development of the Smart Contract.

React Native
React JS

React.js is used for frontend development.

Node Js
Node JS

Node.js is used fo

Express js
Express JS

Express.js is the framework of Node JS which is used for the backend.

Postgre SQL
Postgre SQL

Postgresql is the database used to integrate with node.

Post man

Postman is used for testing purpose.


Jira is used for task management between developers.


Bitbucket, a repository, is used to maintain or manage the code.

Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean

Digital ocean is used for deployment.

Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is used as an IDE for frontend and backend development.


Remix is used as an IDE for the Smart Contract development.

Working Flow


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