Annex – Decentralized
Multi-Financial Protocol

Annex finance is a fork of compound finance with additional DEX features to make money.


Decentralized Finance


Conceptualization, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment



Annex Finance provides its users an earning platform for lending, borrowing, farming, and swapping in DeFi space. There is a need to connect the wallet to start trading on Annex. It is the best platform to earn interest through different methods and has its own token named ANN Token. It is a mixture of Compound Finance, Pancakeswap, and Farming to provide its users multiple opportunities of earning money via only one platform. Let’s take an overview of all its financial protocols:

Annex is the best platform for earning and lending in the DeFi space

Problems and Solutions

Traditional Market Maker:

In traditional market makers, there is a need to rely on third-party that charge a high fee. Submitting the funds to a centralized exchange also causes a fear of losing funds.
Annex Finance provides its solution by providing the smart contract-based decentralized automated market maker platform.

High Transaction Fee:

The main issue on other DEX platforms is the high transaction fee that users have to pay for transactions.
Annex Finance uses the Binance smart chain as its underlying blockchain that offers its users the ability to perform a speedy transaction with a very low amount of gas fees.

Counterparty Risk No Economic Freedom:

Many DeFi platforms require KYC verification. This KYC verification causes a lack of economic freedom for those users who don’t want to expose their identities.
Annex Finance provides its users the benefits of economic freedom with higher transparency. So, the user directly trades on this platform without using KYC.


Easy Trading for Investors

The platform allows multiple trading features by providing swapping, sending, receiving, farming, and borrowing the assets on one platform. It is also easy for the investors to manage their profit, loss, interests, APR, etc. on a single decentralized platform.

Slippage Tolerance

There is a slippage tolerance feature while swapping to increase the transaction speed. If the Slippage value increases then the gas fee also increases. So, this feature allows users to increase the slippage tolerance when performing a trade with a large investment.

Multiple Tokens Trading

Annex offers bridges to their users where the investors can swap multiple tokens of different blockchains and charges little gas fees from the native blockchain of that token. It also allows the swapping and farming of stable coins to earn APY.

Multiple Wallet Integration

Investors can connect multiple types of wallets on the platform i.e., software wallets such as Metamask, DeFi Wallet, Wallet Connect, and Coinbase Wallet, and hardware wallets such as Ledger.

Multiple Earning Opportunities

Investors can earn through multiple ways on the platform even during the period of having an ANN token in the wallet, the investors can earn 0.2% APR and can withdraw that amount after 30 days. Moreover, by giving collateral, you can borrow funds and use those funds to buy more assets and if the price goes up then you can earn more profit than the interest paid for borrowing. Other than this, investors can also deposit the tokens on the platform to earn the interest, ANN token, aTokens, and the APY.

Voting power

If the investors have a specific number of ANN tokens in their wallets, then they can take advantage of the governance feature of the platform. In this phase, the investor can create a proposal or give a vote to any other proposal and keep track of all the proposals by checking their status (active, passed, and failed). The voting can be carried out on the interest rate, the required collateralization for each asset, etc.

Technology Stack

We offer the best tool and technology stack according to the use case of the project. For Annex Finance, the following technology is put into use:
Binance Smart Chain

BEP-20 standard of Binance smart chain is used for smart contract development.

React Native
React JS

For front-end development.

Node Js
Node JS

For backend development.

Express js
Express JS

Framework of Node JS.


To maintain or manage the code in the repository.


For task management between the team.

Visual Studio
Visual Studio Code

IDE for frontend and backend development.


For deployment.


IDE for Smart Contract development.



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