We help you in building a smarter business. Our team is clear about their priorities and subsequent tasks are divided to satisfy all industry requirements.

At Optimus Fox, we aim to develop a sustainable strategy to let you achieve business development goals. Our BPO Services are tailored to each client, based on their priorities and objectives. Our team is highly experienced for a wide array of industries in all aspects of b2b and b2c telemarketing. Your team with us will represent your brand in the best possible way. With the right practices suited for your niche, we want your business to reach its maximum potential.

Call Support

Our Voice Platform boasts 99.99 percent uptime with the highest voice quality available in the industry. Our resources are educated, intelligent, and fluent in English. The resources we offer at the price point are the most competitive ones. For optimum call support function, our services can be utilized to achieve benefits from BPO solutions.

Email Support

We have the strong ability to recruit, train and retain resources which excel in grammar and spelling, and to process emails successfully. What sets us apart from others is that our resources are trained to dig deep into customer issues and offer the highest first resolution rate of the industry. The email support offered by our team provides additional advantages for the customers. The ability to stay in touch with individuals and the organizations is required to gain maximum advantage from the BPO solutions.

Chat Support

Our representatives are trained to manage multiple chats simultaneously. We take your customers through all processes by providing the human interface required. They will courteously handle any complaints and suggestions. The replies are solution oriented and have a core knowledge base of the product and service offerings. The experienced team we have developed the leads into sales by chat support. There remains no query unanswered by the team. For maximum outreach to people, hire our team for implementing the BPO solution for you.