Hyperledger Fabric

Hyperledger Fabric Enterprise Solutions and Use Cases

Hyperledger Fabric has become the backbone of thousands of Hyperledger fabric enterprise solutions available in the market. It came into the market to promote a reliable collaboration between multiple businesses and offers an umbrella strategy that uplift blockchain technologies, interfaces, and applications.  Hyperledger is an open-source blockchain framework that improves the efficiency…
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Crypto Lending

What is Crypto Lending And How Does It Work?

The rapid advancement in Crypto World has led to Crypto lending for which people are showing their interest and trust. The inception of blockchain technology makes it the best option for you to store your assets securely.  Since blockchain evolved into the market to empower business, the decentralized finance has…
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Development of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Things to Consider Before Development

Cryptocurrencies have modified the operational activities of multiple industries, and the development of cryptocurrency exchanges is becoming the hottest choices of business that will have a major impact in the nearby future. Therefore, many business owners are making investments in cryptocurrency exchanges platforms to maximize their profits.  Many working crypto…
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Cryptocurrency Security

Cryptocurrency Security- 5 Ways to Secure Cryptocurrency

No doubt crypto has made its place in the digital world due to its efficiencies, but cryptocurrency security is still a question. More and more people are relying on digital currencies and taking them as an alternative for managing a personal and organizational budget. With the increase in stakes, there…
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Blockchain Marketing

Blockchain Marketing: Promoting your Blockchain platform

Blockchain-based project marketing is not pretty much how traditional product and service-based projects work. It needs master strategies, consultations, and methodologies to maximize the promotion outcomes.  What is Blockchain Marketing?  Blockchain marketing is a high-level marketing service entirely different from traditional digital marketing. We promote blockchain projects in form of initial coin offering or most…
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blockchain network

Blockchain Network and Usability

Owing to industry needs, different types of blockchain networks have evolved till now. These networks have the same functionalities to speed up complex processes such as funds transfer but follow different working principles.   Why need to have different types of blockchain networks?  The basic application of blockchain technology is to perform transactions and store…
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cryptocurrency exchanges

P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Introducing a New Era

Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are ruling the industry since the introduction of crypto in the market. Now, the crypto industry is moving toward peer-to-peer exchanges that offer privacy, authority, security by reducing costs.   What P2P Exchanges are? P2P exchanges work on the same principle allowing people to trade globally, but they…
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What is DeFi

What is DeFi? It’s Boom and Future

With the advent of blockchain technology, the financial industry has shown notable improvement in its services. Blockchain technologies have already raised cryptocurrency, and the emergence of Defi its boom and future has authorized the industry even more. There, you might be dealing with confusion that what is Defi? It is…
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Blockchain Revolutionizing

How smart contracts revolutionizing the world smartly?

Smart contracts blockchain revolutionizing is the high-ranked creation in the blockchain industry. With the advancement in digitalization, there is a need to develop reliable and stable digital agreements. Smart contracts have replaced traditional contracts that are slow, complex, expensive most importantly, not reliable.   A smart contract is a self-enforcing protocol…
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Supply chain management

NFT Supply Chain Management, A Way To Achieve Transparency

Supply chain management is the heart of every industry because of its services and operation. Supply chain services include logistics, inventory, and fleet management that makes a cluster to drive business growth. The chain significant processes become complex due to time consumption, intermediaries, and computation resources. NFT Supply chain management has emerged…
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