Birb aims to influence people of all ages to use cryptocurrencies by simplifying complex operations. It offers users an easy and fun way to make transactions and receive rewards.


It is an online gaming portal where users can play games to win birb tokens. The web app rewards the top 200-coin holders twice a week.

How Birb DAPP work?

Birb dApp is basically a rewarding system where users can play games and hatch birb coins to win rewards. Once a user starts a game, he should have birb tokens in his wallet and a little percentage of his available coins is deducted by the platform. The web app makes an investment of deducted amount and available coins in a pool to win rewards from other websites. If the birb wins a reward, it shares rewards with all investment partners with respect to their investments after deducting the platform specified fee. The rewarding system is visible as users can see their current status from the available list. 

Birb DAPP Requirements

Development of Exchange Model by integrating Uniswap.

DeFi token-based reward distribution.

Our Contribution

  • We developed Birb platform and token ERC30.
  • In the first phase, we used Ethereum technology and uniswap as pool.
  • In the second phase, we shifted the platform from Ethereum to Binance smart chain maximizing the user reward.