Singh Blockchain

Singh is a Peer-to-Peer, populist content creation network where anyone can use his skills to earn from posting and voting content.  It reveals the new trend of marketing and advertisement in the market. 

The Problems 

Interpreting User Activity   

In the last few years, digital marketing has double up and the effectiveness of social media has been a major concern for companies. All the companies are using campaigns to enhance their audience but reduce user online activity. So, it seems that people get bored while seeing advertisement banners again and again.   

User Ignores Ads 

Most of the people are becoming intensive to marketing efforts. They ignore advertisements they found while scrolling down the browser. Therefore, advertisement has become hard because we need to develop audience interest.   

People Love Creativity  

Everyone loves to create and share content on social media. The content comes in different shapes like images, videos, memes, and stories. According to a recent survey, content creators post more than 90 million images on Instagram for free. 

Work and Earn 

People post content on their social media accounts to increase followers and likes, but Singh wants to give them an opportunity to earn money through their content. Additionally, Singh aims to provide job opportunities to a pool of talented individuals by sending their resumes to the companies that create ad campaigns on this platform. 

The Solution 

Singh aims to empower its users by allowing them to share their favorite brand’s products on social media and win Singh tokens. On the other hand, Singh provided its users with an opportunity to share and vote for content to win rewards. Overall, Singh is a secure platform where everyone can access his current position in the rewarding list. 

Our Contributions 

OptimusFox took this challenging task and engage a team of blockchain developers to develop a transparent system for advertisement and posting. We developed complete blockchain architecture with the smart card-based token as well. Our developers developed a transparent network where every individual has the authority to post his creativity and vote for his best brands. We created a secure system where the user can see his latest status.