Singh Application

Singh is revealing the new trend of marketing and advertisement, allowing everyone to create content. It has gained popularity in the market because of its unique vision and the transparency it provides.  

The Challenges  

Social media popularity has become a headache for common users, and they do not like to see irrelevant ads rapidly. So, it’s hard for marketers to get access to potential clients. On the other hand, content creators post their creativity on different social media platforms without any financial benefits. Singh aims to deliver a solution where companies can post their ads while users can share them on other media platforms to win rewards in the form of Singh coins or tokens. While for content creators, they can post their artwork and win rewards on getting maximum likes.   

Therefore, Singh applications came up with multiple challenges as:   

  • A unique advertisement planform  
  • Integration of Blockchain module to the application  
  • Easy to use the website for content creators and visitors  
  • Managing and displaying a large amount of data being generated across the network.  

The Solutions  

Optimusfox took this challenging project and divided it into different modules to fulfill project requirements timely. The application needs additional non-functional requirements to give it an attractive interface.  

 Our developers integrated the blockchain module successfully to store data and make the application transparent for users.   

The Outcomes 

A functional application any user can download and post or vote content. The unique principle of working and successful integration of blockchain modules made the application popular among people. Now, Singh has won the trust of its users and has become a powerful platform for companies to do their branding.