BitNautic Website Development

BitNautic Website Development 

 The website aims to transform the shipping industry through decentralization and connecting ship owners, carriers and shippers together. 

 The Requirements 

 The shipping industry is facing problems like transparency and visibility for years. So, the aim was to build a platform that can help the shipping industry to improve the security and traceability of cargos. For this, there was the need to have a system that should be secure for such a big industry because 90% of global trade happens through shipping. On the other hand, BitNautic wanted to introduce their coin as BTNT. In short, we needed to develop a website with the integration of the Blockchain module. 

 Solution We provided 

 We welcomed this project because of the vision behind it. It was a very interesting phase to explore the challenges the shipping industry was facing and appropriate solutions. After analyzing business needs, we decided to develop a website integrated with a blockchain module to improve the traceability, security, and transparency of the network. Another reason to integrate blockchain was the introduction of BTNT coins and tokens. 

 We engaged a team of front and back end developers alongside blockchain developers to develop the desired website. The proficiency of our team helped us to achieve our goal in no time. 

 The Outcome 

  • Blockchain-based responsive website 
  • Proper functional websites to perform the transaction 
  • Easy to build community  
  • Efficient Listing and booking of ships 
  • Traceability of Cargos