BitNautic Blockchain


Transforming the shipping industry through decentralization and connecting ship owners, carriers and shippers together. 

The Problems 


Privacy and armed robbery against ships are a growing concern for the maritime industry. Although privacy issues have been resolved, shipowners still need to hire private security guards for additional security. The hacking incidents are also increasing in numbers in the last few years. The automated and technically updated ships are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 


Traditional shipping network does not provide timely updates, and no one can determine the exact location of a ship. The shipowner is always worried about his ship while the cargo owner is looking for safe delivery of goods. So, no one is sure about the whole process and what is happening around them. 


Sometimes shippers are not mentally ready to take on the booking process. One misstep from billing to identifying fright can result in surcharges. Manual documentation needs shippers’ attention in each step to minimize errors. 

Finding Best Options  

Cargo owners do not have complete awareness about different available option takes more time to find a suitable one. Understanding the shipping landscape not only saves time but also saves money. Shippers are dealing with multiple contracts that make it difficult for them to facilitate more clients. 

The Solution 

With the advancement in blockchain technologies, everything has changed. 

A blockchain-powered shipping platform can provide reliable, secure, transparent, affordable solutions to the global shipping industry. Additionally, the BTNT development will provide ease to use multicurrency for shipping purposes. 

Our Contribution 

As a leading blockchain development company, Optimusfox engaged a team of in-house blockchain developers to build the foundation of a transparent maritime transportation system. We developed blockchain architecture based on Ethereum and build a website by integrating existing data collection systems to enhance security, privacy, and transparency.   

Our efforts result in a shipping platform backed by BTNT that delivers unpredictable visibility and validation at every network node.