6 Steps To Build And Engage Online Community

build and engage online community is a valuable marketing strategy. The brand with an online community giving them feedback consistently to improve their product is going to have a what competitive advantage over others. It does not mean it is a difficult process to carry out. Community platforms (including social networks) support these communities and have made it easy to initiate a community for your brand. Most of the work behind building communities is to know its purpose and how you are going to promote it.

Here are the 6 steps to build and engage online community

Identify key stakeholders

Your community should be organize in the same way as your business. The way you have CEOs, managers, and supervisors in your business, you need to assign the tasks to team members for doing specific jobs in your community. Which team member is going to complete which task in your community? It depends on their role in your organization.

Define purpose and goal to build and engage online community

This is the primary step to build and engage online community, and you cannot continue to the next step without it. If your community does not have a definite purpose, people won’t understand why they should join it. Your community is providing something to your members; the real question is: What value is it adding to your customers?

The purpose is to give the community members access to firsthand information which is hard to find online. on the other hand Your members will ask each other for hostel and hotel recommendations, for instance, if you own a travel company. Without purpose and clear goal in mind, it is not possible to achieve the desired results.

Build And Engage Online Community

Select a community platform

When you know the purpose, you will have to find the place where it should be present. The important question is: how many people do you want to build a community? If you are looking for a 10 member community, WhatsApp is the option for you. Also, Instagram and Telegram can be used for building an online community of this size. For a large number of people, you can create Facebook groups or platforms like Reddit. It all depends on the nature of the community and the number of members.

Develop rules and norms for build and engage online community

You should develop some rules for entering the community and make people follow them. Serving your community members does not mean they are going to make the rules themselves. You are the one who is defining the ground rules and regulations for the entry and making the members agree to them. If the members are not follow these rules, they should be removed from the community.

Some examples of the rules and norms can include that members are not allowed to use obscene language with each other; and members are not allowed to pitch their own products within the community.

Set Up Your Community

Now, you have the purpose of your community, the members of the group, and the community building rules that all members need to follow.yet It is the right time to bring this community to life and build it up on the platform of your choice.

Promote Your Community

The time to go live is here. The backend is ready and now it is the time to let people know about your community. Get them to want to be the member of the community you have built. You have to carefully determine the pain points of the community members and address them properly. However, It is also bring more people towards your community.

Wrapping Up

These steps can help you create an online community and achieve the goals associated with it. Community building inculcates a feeling of togetherness and develops the association of the customers with the brand. However For businesses, it provides continuous feedback for improving the quality of the product and services. It is easier to reap the advantages of building communities if you still thoroughly plan how you will go through the entire process.


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